Freestyle Rap For All

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Freestyle Rap For All
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Hi, My name is Pat Parra and I’ve been enjoying teaching Freestyle Rapping Professionally for over 10 years to high school students, foster children, and elementary school kids. I’ve released 5 independent albums and I credit my songwriting ability to freestyle rapping. I learned how to rap in high school when I was six when my friend Mark gave me the two golden rules. 1. Don’t worry about rhyming 2. And don’t stop if you mess up. These two rules got me started flowing and I credit this learning experience for helping me write 100’s of songs. Now its time to spread the love and help other people experience the joy of freestyle rapping and writing songs. Thanks for checking out my page and I hope you enjoy my freestyle rapping course. -Pat

This course will teach you how to freestyle rap in less than 10 minutes and then teach you how to write quality song lyrics using your new freestyle rapping skills.

You can also use the simple steps to teach your friends how to rap so you can have rap battles together or enjoy a rap cypher with your homies.

You can practice freestyling using the included hip hop beats or rap beat instrumentals found on youtube. "This course is the only proven freestyle method that has a 100% success rate with 100’s of students…"

I’ve been teaching college, high school and elementary school students how to rap for over ten years and I’m super excited to finally release this freestyle rap method to the world.

I used the songwriting skills taught in this course to make 100’s of hiphop, r&b and rock music songs.

These two golden rules and Marks’ encouragement were all I needed to start freestyle rapping which led me to writing 100’s of songs and opening me up to express myself creatively in all forms.

However, If you would like some extra support to get started and want to learn some awesome songwriting skills, then this course is for you.

Freestyle rapping has been such an amazing songwriting tool for me and I credit it for helping me open up to writing folk, guitar, electronic and hip hop songs. "In college whenever I was feeling down about girls not liking me, my friends and I would just get together around our dj homies’ (Dj Phatrick) turn tables and start freestyling…"

With freestyle rapping the more vulnerable and honest you can be, the more healing you will get from the practice.

I went from super insecure, sweaty palm nerd, to confident, friendly and smooth nerd because of freestyle rapping.

Intro to The Freestyle Rap For All Course. Find the ebook, audio book version, and a few downloadable beats included below….

You can finally get started with the four steps to start freestyle rapping within the next 10 minutes. 3 different ways of taking the course. E-book, Audio Book, or Videos. You choose. Find the E-book and audio book attached along with a… Read more…


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