Learn To Play Gospel Piano

Monday, August 25, 2014

Learn To Play Gospel Piano
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Even well trained pianists can fall down and start to tremble when asked to play a simple Gospel tune or hymn.

They have no difficulty what so ever reading the notes but they seem at a complete loss as how to fill in the empty spaces when a dotted half or whole note appears on the score. This predicament seems to render them incapable of coming up with any on the spot improvisation which would make them sound like a truly novice pianist.

I’ve got good news because there’s a new resource that has resurfaced and is available just for people like you who want to quickly and easily learn how to play Gospel piano.

Yes, it’s true and you won’t believe how simple it really is to play Gospel piano and bring the music to life with expression and emotion whether you’re a beginner or someone who has been playing for years.

And people from all over the world are talking about ‘Learn To Play Gospel Piano’- here are just a handful of the recent comments from people like you and me:

In my own search into how to play Gospel piano I searched and searched for anything that would help me. It was during this time that I came across a book in a second hand book shop that really caught my eye.

Over an hour later I was still reading it and couldn’t believe how easily it put across the information I needed to learn how to play gospel piano. I asked the shop owner if they had any other copies only to be told that it was now out of print!

I spent weeks researching the best way to republish the book and using my own money (and a LOT of help) I had the book digitally scanned and turned into an electronic book or ebook as they are called.

This is the first time this information has been revealed for many decades but I cannot promise how much longer I’ll be able to keep this out there.

Because of my asking a lot of questions recently about the book there are too many people who would prefer I never shared one single secret inside ‘Learn To Play Gospel Piano'; people who make their living charging high prices to teach you how to… Read more…


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