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Monday, August 25, 2014

Get Started On Guitar and Harmonica - Harp 'N' Guitar
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Harp as in blues harp or 10 hole diatonic harmonica. Guitar as in six string acoustic guitar. Of course other types of guitars apply as well.

I have created the Harp ‘N’ Guitar video series to help you learn how to play your favourite songs on guitar and harmonica.

This course is designed for the aspiring guitar and harmonica player and provides the foundation and building blocks to get the beginner started off right and allow them to quickly learn how to play the guitar and harmonica together, to be able to play melodies and solos confidently on the harmonica to a rhythm acoustic accompaniment.

The Harp ‘N’ Guitar step-by-step course is divided into video series that follow a logical learning progression allowing the student to focus in on a particular aspect of learning guitar and harmonica.

Learn the different note types and how they are counted and then work through a number of exercises playing various rhythms while reinforcing the chords previously learned and changing between chords.

The Blues – An Introduction looks at the structure of the blues – the chords and progression. The Blues scale requires bending on harmonica. The guitar can help get those bends just right. I’ll show you how.

Play along exercises show where exactly the notes of the chords and the Blues scale occur on the harmonica.

Being able to play by ear and hear musical elements, for example recognizing the root note of chords and chord quality helps the musician tremendously. For this reason, throughout the course, I will be encouraging you to listen carefully and sing various aspects of the music.

Improvement of Brain Function – child musicians perform better in school in all subjects. For the adult, studies show that learning a musical instrument keeps the mind alert and active and can lead to an improvement in memory. Mathematical ability, reading and comprehension, and concentration have all been shown to sharpen and improve by learning music.

Stress Relief – dispel the pressures of the day to day grind by doing something enjoyable for yourself.

Enhance Coordination – rhythmic movement, breathing, and listening are all utilized and coordinated when playing music. The more playing you do, the better this coordination gets.

Sense of Accomplishment – when learning a new instrument, practice leads to measureable improvement which creates a sense of achievement that can be a very rewarding experience.

Life Improvement – playing music is fun and immensely satisfying. If your goal is to get up on stage and play for others, I can personally attest to the fact that there is no better high than cheers from an audience that is enjoying listening to you play. If your goal is to be able to jam with others, a whole new sense of camaraderie develops between fellow musicians. You may simply want to play for yourself. Start learning now and see how good it feels to cross that off your bucket list.

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