Rap Rebirth – Lyricist Guide – Learn How to Rap from an Industry Expert

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rap Rebirth - Lyricist Guide - Learn How to Rap from an Industry Expert
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Say goodbye to hours of frustration in front of a blank notepad. Our guide will teach you how to condition your mind to consistently beat writer’s block over time. You’ll also get exclusive tips on how to get your pen moving right away so you can spend more time in a peak flow state.

This book was written for intelligent hip-hop heads, and it’s packed full of advanced techniques. You’ll learn how to craft multisyllable rhymes, rapid-fire flows, captivating content, and 18 kinds of wordplay. You’ll also learn how to optimize your written lyrics for delivery so that you save time and money in the studio.

You can’t learn to fly before you can walk. We’ll teach you the basic skills you need to know including song structure, counting bars, the writing process, finding rhymes, staying on beat, coming up with a rap persona, and developing a unique flow.

Finally, we’ll teach you how to combine everything you’ve learned to create epic hip-hop moments that make your listeners rewind. We’ll yze three cl ic examples from Inspectah Deck, Nas, and Kanye West. Then we’ll create our own moment from scratch and walk you through each step of the process.

"Dreams, Content, Wordplay, and Rewind Effect were my favorite chapters. They just really had me engaged into the book. I basically read the whole thing in one sitting it was too good to walk away from it." Taylor Bickford, Peetz, Colorado "This is a really extensive and well thought out written piece! I’d recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their lyrics. Definitely helpful, and as always much appreciated." David Arnold, Bridgeport, Connecticut "I was surprised that learning about lyrics and flow has helped me produce better tracks that attract rappers to freestyle or write to.Some times less is more.I have also learned about a lot of great techniques for writing hooks." Alex Carusone, Utica, New York

"I must say that this is a MUST HAVE for any rapper/songwriter that wants to step their writing game up to the next level. The information is very organized and gave me step by step on how to write my new songs. Thanks!" Hector Gutierrez, Los Banos, California "Not only does this book teach you how to write but it opens your mind to other ways of writing. It taught me you can write about anything and make it ryhme. You have to purchase this great book if you really take your craft serious." Josh Rivera, Rochester, New York Read more…


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