How To Rap – How To Freestyle, how to rap online, how to freestyle rap

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How To Rap - How To Freestyle, how to rap online, how to freestyle rap
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Envision the excitement you will feel…..when you find out how to create electrifying rap lyrics that will help you reach your potential as a hip hop artist… valuable would this be to you?

As you read every word of this web page, you will experience first-hand and soon discover the powerful techniques that will sharpen your skills, give you swagger and amaze audiences.

I’ll reveal the revolutionary techniques that will let you amaze audiences – and, more importantly how to use these methods to create your own recordings that will sell.

I came up with these techniques as a result of my extensive music training, natural sense of rhythm and knowledge of writing poetry.

I’m a pianist, who has won many awards, performed in many compe ions, graduated from the University of Houston and was one of three villains in the feature film – "Queenie: Priestess of the Ghetto".

For the past 2 years, I have studied similes, metaphors, multi-syllable rhymes and even internal rhymes that have achieved overwhelming results. I’ve found out what works, what doesn’t work, and — an incredible formula that I invented which will show you how to effectively rap your own lyrics to a beat.

Imagine how exciting it will be when people are jamming to your music inside of clubs, when you have developed unstoppable swagger and when you can walk into ANY recording studio and spit your potent hip hop lyrics.

You no longer have to pull out your hair in frustration not knowing how to write and rap effective hip hop lyrics.

I’ve written this ebook so that you do not have to be unsure of yourself when you rap your lyrics to a beat.

Think of the street-cred and the respect you will obtain when you buy my ebook and find out how to create exhilarating lyrics.

When you find out how to write and rap hip hop lyrics to a beat, you will feel glad knowing that you put in the time to learn this craft.

Through the effective use of mind-bending hip hop writing techniques, I have been able to write hip hop lyrics for not only myself but for other hip hop artists…..but you probably would not believe my claims.

Most people NEVER master hip hop writing or even find out how to rap. It is a rare skill that only a select few even attempt to find out. The learning process never ends in hip hop. But when you write with intelligence and from your heart, the audience will give you applause for your music. You will study hip hop as much as a college student trying to get his degree.

Congratulations! You have just been exposed to a simile – You will… Read more…


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