A.S.A.Piano! Learn To Play Easy Beginners Piano & Keyboard Songs Without Reading Music

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A.S.A.Piano! Learn To Play Easy Beginners Piano & Keyboard Songs Without Reading Music
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Watch this video closely. Now YOU can also learn the secret of quickly learning to play songs without reading ANY musical score:

I almost gave up until I found this package… "I absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much. I almost gave up until I found this package. I am so excited now and cant stop playing…" Yvonne van der Westhuizen – South Africa

If youd like to be playing your first full length, impressive song on the Piano or Keyboard in just 40 minutes from now then this letter will show you how.

I hold a Grade 8 in the Piano and Ive taught hundreds of people to play the Piano and Keyboard in my time.

I also love seeing the look excitement and pleasure on my students faces when they realize that playing the Piano or Keyboard is something that everyone can do no matter what age or ability.

For limited time only I want to share with you the secrets of playing the Piano and Keyboard like a pro, with less time and effort than you ever imagined.

I’m already playing complete songs… "Thanks to your course I can now play some easy songs all the way through." Marion Plummer – Canada

She did not want to "waste her time", as she called it, by learning all that "Piano grade stuff" but she told me she just wanted to learn how to play some of the songs of her favorite artists ASAP!

She also admitted to me that she also liked the idea of being able to play some tunes on the piano at parties or gatherings where her friends or family would be watching.

She had trawled YouTube looking for snippets of info here and there and had subscribed to a number of ebooks on how to play the Piano and Keyboard only to find herself more confused than ever.

I knew that treating her like a regular student who wants to learn Cl ical Piano would be a waste of time.

I realized I needed to work on what excited Linda in order to teach her how to play, so I tried something radically different…

I realized if I could get her enthused enough about her favorite song… I could then teach her theory later if she wanted.

I knew this idea would work from the second I saw Lindas face light up as she played one of her favorite "Coldplay" songs.

Most piano and keyboard teachers will start with the theory, months of repe ive scales and then standard sheets of music before you get to play your favorite songs.

I get you playing your favorite songs quickly and effortlessly by ear first, so you get straight to the good stuff.

My UNIQUE TEACHING METHOD uses left and right hand note combinations to create stylish, impressive, complete pieces of music that anyone can quickly learn to play, and what’s more the technique can be used to play ANY song.

It makes learning piano or keyboard fun and rewarding… Read more…


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