Christian Guitar Lessons – Learn Guitar….Learn Worship!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Christian Guitar Lessons - Learn Guitar....Learn Worship!
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Play Worship Guitar gives you everything you’ll ever need to start learning guitar, and show you exactly how to play songs by your favorite Christian artists. You don’t need any knowledge of how to play the guitar at all. This course works for everyone of all ages and is perfect for absolute beginners.

Learn the ins and outs of the guitar and all the parts of the guitar…what to do and why each is important

How to hold the pick, hold the guitar, and posture…developing proper fundamentals will get you playing guitar faster and with less frustration

Warmup Exercises that will help you loosen up your muscles and play longer without fatigue and help your solo hand learn to play twice as fast.

Learn Beginner Chords…these are the backbone of every song you will ever play. Watch and play along with me as I teach you how to hold each chord properly

Chord changing exercises will ensure that you never get stuck trying to get your fingers to go where you want them to…these step-by-step exercises will make chord changes simple

Bust out rhythm guitar riffs, easily perform walks and add unique flair to your chords…no need to practice endless hours before enjoying the “best parts” of playing

Explode over the learning curve with my “cheat chords” system…start playing in minutes rather than days or weeks

Learn dynamic strumming patterns that will have you sounding like a seasoned guitar player almost instantly

Dynamic sliding, hammer ons, pull offs…these techniques will give your playing a fresh vibe and make songs come alive

Guitar accuracy exercises designed to develop you into a more precise and skillful guitarist in a fraction of the time

New Chord Voicings that will allow you to effortlessly cruise up and down the guitar neck. Don’t get stuck with a stale repe ive sound.

Dynamic Guitar Techniques that you can use to transform any song or chord progression from dull to exciting and impressive.

Dictate The Mood You Convey By the Chord You Play allowing you to guide your playing (and audience) in the emotional direction you want to go.

Find Any Note On The Guitar with a simple system that will keep you from having to waste days trying to memorize every note on the guitar neck.

Discover Octaves and how you can apply them to any song…and even use them to learn how to play any song.

Learn Power Chords and how you can combine them with open chords to “break open” the song and make it 10 times easier to play any song.

Guitar Accuracy Exercises designed to develop you into a more precise and skillful guitarist in a fraction of the time.

Fingerpicking patterns so that you can make any chord or song sound beautiful with easy to follow fingerpicking lessons.

The Play Worship Guitar Songwriting Bootcamp…a 5 part video series that teaches you how to craft creative lyrics and catchy… Read more…


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