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Sunday, September 14, 2014 Guitar lessons - Learn Guitar - Play Guitar
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…Techniques that will show you how to play like DragonForce, Carlos Santana, BB King, Maroon 5, Eddie Van Halen, Bob Marley, Blink182, Marty Friedman, and more?

Well you are in for the ride of your life. GuitarHotShot was designed to make master guitarists. I want to teach YOU how to rip up insane leads, play super-complex guitar riffs and equip you with an endless songwriting ability. It wasn’t long after GuitarHotShot was released, that a new breed of guitarist began to spawn, some of which would singlehandedly receive 35,000,000 views on YouTube alone. I created GuitarHotShot after I received hundreds of emails and calls from people just like you, with strong desires for a Guitar workshop that would show them how to become an incredible guitarist, skipping all of the "unnecessary" detours that keep most people from reaching that high level in the first place. GuitarHotShot comes action packed with all of the top rated guitar lessons you have heard about, with 100+ Video lessons, Tabulature, Rhythm riffs, Hundreds of Exclusive Jam tracks, Solo Scales, and your skill level does not matter! The system is 100% step by step and easy to learn. GHS also includes all the major record label listings! We want to see you become a master at guitar then get famous! Simple explanation: I created this program to turn beginners, intermediate and advanced players into Guitar Gods.

Who am I? I am an internationally known guitarist who has taught guitar for over 20 years. After studying in NYC and working as an apprentice I began to teach and found that I loved doing it. In fact I had began teaching professionally before I had all the hit records and distribution deals. Teaching was really my p ion from the start. To make a long story short, In 2003, I was hired by numerous production companies in Manhattan and it was very demanding work. The work was rewarding, only they asked me one day to record rock guitar, then the next to perform latin. If I was to be the best in New York, I had to play like the best. Within two weeks I had created a new way to achieve success playing any type of music, at any speed, in any style. I quickly moved up the ranks performing in NYC. They would call me when they needed "The best." This is the exact same "secret" system I teach now to this day.

After a few more weeks of research, and speaking with my students and colleagues, GuitarHotShot was born. All of my Mastery methods on video, with a twist: They would be produced in a never before seen platform.

How to play from ear, (No music needed) develop a talent that you otherwise would need to be born with.

How to read music, play any piece of music or song with just a page of written notes. (Without it taking months to learn!)

GuitarHotShot is what guitarists around the world are calling… Read more…


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