Learn How to Sing Online at A2Z Smart Music Academy

Monday, September 15, 2014

Learn How to Sing Online at A2Z Smart Music Academy
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The A2Z Smart Music Group has been working to consolidate and reorganize. We have been working hard to make sure every link, script, image, form, etc., works without a hitch…but we are only human. If you find a bug, please let us know so we can put the exterminators on the job. Thanks for your patience and istance!

If you are serious about singing and really want to learn everything about the singing voice (or are teaching voice, chorus, worship team, elementary music, etc), we have a place for you here at the A2Z Smart Music Academy!

A2Z Smart Music Online Web Academy is an easy, fun and affordable way to learn how to sing from scratch or to improve your current singing voice skills. Really learning and understanding the artful craft of singing takes years. Unfortunately if you are only provided the information you get in voice lessons, it will take you a long time to reach your true singing potential. Let’s face it, your voice teacher has a lot to do for you. After taking the time to make sure you are properly warmed up along with song performance time needed to train you on material … how much time do you really get to discuss technique? Usually, not much. Inside our hallways you will find detailed singing lessons on how to accomplish simple but important tasks as they relate to the singing voice. Just like any sport requires practice and coordination of skills, so does the sport of singing.

Whether you are one of the lucky ones who regularly trains with a teacher, or someone who is studying independently at home, your singing skills will progress quickly using our systems. One easy step at a time you will learn specific skills and build upon a logical foundation of specific actions…the secrets of singing, if you will.

Keep reading below to get an idea of some of the departments available to registered students. At A2Z we believe in mentoring anyone who wants to enjoy their voice: from singing the very first note all the way to live performance (if that is the singer’s goal). So if you are a complete newbie, don’t worry; you will have all the guidance you need and your training can truly lead to live performance if you do your part! Experienced or advanced singers are especially encouraged to visit us. You will learn tricks of the trade and get rid of personal sabotage habits that are keeping you from your full potential.

Just to make sure there is no confusion — access to the A2Z Online Campus is done from this page and easily accessed from any web browser (See link on the left, Enter A2Z Academy). While the A2Z Online Campus is not as visually interactive as our Virtual Campus, you will still feel like you have a coach with you at all times, getting easy, organized access to all of the singing secrets you have always wanted to know. Read more…


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