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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guitar Theory Revolution
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Hey guys, my name is Neill. I’m a guitar teacher based in London and I’m going to explain what kind of guitar player you’ll be after going through my course.

In brief, after just a short time reading the information and doing the exercises in Guitar Theory Revolution you’ll have made more progress than in all your years of aimless noodling and trying to piece together information from the internet, magazines DVDs and online videos.

Just take a moment to think about what you’ve achieved with all the ‘free’ resources out there? Has it helped you improve or are you more confused than ever? I say ‘free’ because it has in fact cost you time and effort as well as sapped your motivation to learn.

I can definitely help you because I understand where you are right now and what you need to do to get where you want to be.

I tried and failed to learn music theory several times when I first started playing guitar. I just couldn’t get my head around it, which is strange since I was able to understand maths, physics, philosophy you name it… hey, just want to let you know that I’m not stupid.

And neither are you. But that’s how many guitar players are made to feel by what I sometimes call ‘music theory snobs’.

The way some ‘teachers’ act it seems as if it’s the student’s fault if they can’t understand the material. Well it can be if the student lacks motivation. But I happen to know that most guitar players would love to master music theory.

I look at it in this way. If the students aren’t able to understand and learn then the teacher needs to switch things up and try a different approach until the students do.

It’s the teacher’s responsibility that the student learns. Unfortunately most people teaching music theory for the guitar are still stuck in old paradigms, often based around the piano, ideas that haven’t changed in decades.

Is it so crazy to try something different? I simply can’t believe that guitar players are inherently more stupid or lazy than other musicians.

It turns out I was right, there is a better way of doing things. Over the years I discovered a bunch of ‘secrets’ that totally blew my mind and changed the way I looked at the guitar.

Anyway, I don’t want to ramble on, I just wanted to let you know that I understand where a lot of you are. I’ve felt that frustration, like vital information was being hidden from me.

First you will be given access to the main GTR book which contains the systems, patterns, diagrams and exercises that will open your mind to a whole new way of understanding music theory for guitar players. It’s 107 pages of mind-blowing information that will forever change how you approach the guitar… Read more…


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