Shred Academy – Exclusive Lessons for Lead Guitarists

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shred Academy - Exclusive Lessons for Lead Guitarists
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If you’re reading this, chances are – You want to be an awesome guitarist. – You want to have the kind of talent that impresses YOU when you see it in other people. – You probably want to get these skills FAST, but – find the wealth of information out there a bit overwhelming.

HERE. 1 wise investment – it will be the first and last you ever need to make on guitar tuition. EVER!

Do you aspire to play ‘that’ solo you have always loved, cover your favourite songs, jam with your friends? Or perhaps you want to completely master the instrument, becoming a true virtuoso? The problem is there is so much information to pour through.. Rarely do you find one of those ‘gems’ that you really appreciate for being effective and making life easier.

Well right now you are staring at one of them! I am offering you so much for so litte, you owe it to yourself to read on. 15,000 sales says a lot!

"…the lead guitarist’s best friend. Quite simply, if you can’t get results with this package you probably never will…" –

I have spent the last 5 years selling and developing this guitar tool to make sure it is the best available in the world to get you up to a pro level. Included in the price is FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE, so just as you and all my customers are improving each day, as will the tool you learn from. Now on version 8.0 this tool is 6x larger and more useful than ever before. Don’t think the updates will stop as soon as you buy it, there has been 14 in 4 years and no sign of stopping, as my 15,000+ customers will testify.

– Makes your life easier, with everything in ONE place: less searching and more finding! Everything you need to know to develop serious lead guitar skills is on this CD – and nothing more! No junk here, the main section is just 40 pages, and has 19 video demonstrations to help! (performed by Kris Barras, who is in the video at the top!)

– Covers everything you will need: everything from introducing you to scales and basic picking exercises right up to 6-string sweep picking, advanced tapping and exotic ascending/descending runs! Whammy-bar tricks, harmonics, you name it!

– Gives you more than you could ask for: thanks to the free updates for life, this tool now includes a fretboard memory tool, a progress chart so you can track your progress, a speed enhancer to monitor and push your speed to new levels, backing tracks to practice with, a brand new flash user interface, and lots more! All added in the free updates. This program evolves with you and keeps improving.

– Makes darn sure you improve: not only does this tool include over 60 pages of exercises for you to drill through, it helps you build a practice structure, has a special section for lazy learners and unmotivated people… Read more…


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