Ebook reading: Stories of a planet that needs help

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ebook reading: Stories of a planet that needs help
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They will get ethical values that are currently lacking in our society. For the little ones to be able to understand it in a more simple way. The book is full of illustrations and watching them on their own, tells you the story… All the beautiful and colourful illustrations are oil paintings, done by the author.

Enjoy reading this book with your children. It will help them foster a love of nature and respect for plants and animals. You will get ethical values that are currently much needed in our society.

This eBook will empower new generations to be more sensitive and understanding of the importance of each of our roles in our community. We can take care of nature and live in harmony.

It contains seven stories that take the reader into a voyage back to the very beginning of the creation of the universe. It takes you through the magic of creations of Mother Earth; the planets, atoms, the cells and many more. Everyone can learn science in an enjoyable way. It is a new concept in education aimed at all generations to become aware of the actual values and the importance of our cooperation in keeping the environment and the importance of living in community and helping each other.

"Reading it and the illustrations on this eBook was a pure pleasure. It’s imaginative and fascinating."

"It lifted my spirit and felt far more optimistic on the potential of us as a human species that we can do a lot to make things better."

"An illuminating and fascinating work! My children loved it and I enjoyed it very much too. Thank you for such a great easy to read book."

"Great book, it’s a tool for understanding the drift of human behaviour for the last centuries towards nature and marvellous to implement an understanding of my role on how much I can do to help."

"I loved the book that I read about the universe and how it all began…and continued to grow into our world today. I thought it explained everything in words of one syllable and would be suitable either for s to read to children and for children to read themselves. I especially loved the pictures."

Juan Reyes Florido is an inventor that has been working towards green energy solutions and in reforestation projects to help the environment.

Juan is p ionate about nature and made contact with the world of plants and nature by studying the social life of bees. He has also devoted many years of his life as an artist painting and making exhibitions in several European countries.

As a child he felt a strong presence which gave him a strong sense of security and knowledge of being guided. W ver he has done in his life, he has followed that guidance which has made him who he is. He feels that guidance in everything even in his name… even his name, Juan Reyes Florido, which means John, the Flowery King. Funny as… Read more…


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