EZ Home Recording Studio – Pro Audio on Your Computer

Sunday, September 21, 2014

EZ Home Recording Studio - Pro Audio on Your Computer
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It used to be so expensive and complex that it wasn’t practical for most folks. But that has all changed.

Singers! Record your killer songs on your PC and show the world your talent! Start right now – all on your PC!

In 2011 all you need is a computer, a sound card and any kind of microphone. Even those cheap plastic PC mics will do to start out! With that set-up you are capable of creating multi-track recording projects, and learning the methods used by the pros to make high-quality audio.

Knowledge trumps gear when it comes to audio quality. It is possible…actually common, for people to spend many hundreds of dollars on a microphone, only to turn around and make the same crappy audio with it. Why is this? It is a lack of knowledge…and not even hard knowledge!

This 10-lesson (18 total short but powerful videos) course is chock-full of incredible home recording tips, plus we’ll show you how to do such awesome audio feats as overdubbing for lush voices and vocal harmony, how to use and create loops, basic mul rack production and audio editing. And the best part – You can do it all without having to spend more than $0-$5 in software or equipment. All you need is a computer and access to the internet. We teach you how to do everything with the free software program called "Audacity."

“Lesson 1: Your First Recording (2 parts)” How to start recording RIGHT NOW for a budget of $0 dollars! How to connect mic and headphones, and download free killer audio recording software.

“Lesson 2: It’s Recorded…Now What?, (2 parts)” Editing your new recording by adjusting volume, reducing hissy noise, and the difference between “deleting” and “silencing” audio.

“Lesson 3: It’s Recorded…AND Edited…Now What?, (2 parts)” How to produce your recording and creating the final product. Add background music to your voice, mix it all together and complete the final product.

“Lesson 5a: Singing Harmony With Yourself” Even if you’re not a “singer,” this is mind-goggling awesome! Be your own backing vocals, acapella group, doo-wop group, or even choir!

“Lesson 5b: Vocal Doubling, (2 parts)” How to double-your voice to get the sound so popular in hip-hop and pop recordings, as well as in radio ad TV ad voice-overs

“Lesson 6 – Loops-Music for Non-Musicians, (2 parts)” Learn what a “loop” is and how to make and use them. Loops are useful for musicians and non-musicians alike. Make music without knowing how to play an instrument! In this lesson you’ll make a drum loop to create your own rhythm track.

“Lesson 7: Intro to FX – Equalization and Frequency” Introduction to effects or “FX,” as the cool kids call them. Learn what “frequency” and “equalization (EQ)” are so you can use EQ to e up and/or fix your audio.

“Lesson 8: Version 1.3 of Audacity, The Free… Read more…


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