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Monday, September 8, 2014

How To Pro DJ: Fast & Easy (Squeeze Page) - How To DJ Quickly
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I’ve talked to many DJs and they can agree that they (and MYSELF) had these same questions and frustrations when first trying to know how to DJ..

I have knowledge of simple practices and exercises that will get you DJing within a few weeks or even a few days! These practices and exercises are what the top DJs, and record labels don’t want people like you and I to know about.

I was broke as a joke, but still visioned myself becoming popular, making a lot of money, rockin’ out to big crowds, meeting a BUNCH of beautiful ladies, and being know as "that guy" or "the DJ".

YouTube and practicing everyday didn’t get me anywhere. I was working hard with no benefit. I started to feel that I wasted the money I had spent on my DJ gear. I was close to giving up.

On top of that, DJ lessons where expensive ($100 for a half an hour)! I couldn’t afford that! I tried, but even the lessons wouldn’t teach me enough without me breaking my bank. So I kept pushing on and practicing, knowing I’d get there one day. It took me 9 months to finally understand how to beatmatch and mix.

But even after I learned how to mix and beatmatch, it took me forever to get my first club gig. I started playing small house parties, then raves, I threw my own parties, got a club gig, and then finally got my first BIG club gig!

I got to meet a lot of up and coming artists that were being trained by some of the top record labels and DJ schools in the world. These guys were learning secret techniques that easily got them mixing like a pro within weeks or days.

I discovered that when a record label finds a new producer (the guy that makes the songs in a studio) the record label makes their money by getting that producer to tour as a DJ. DJs get paid a lot for gigs, thousands and thousands of dollars, and the record labels take a percentage of what the DJ / producer gets paid for each gig. So the sooner the record label can get the producer mixing like a pro, the sooner they make a TON of money.

DJ schools know about these techniques but WON’T teach them to you. The longer it takes you to mix, the more lessons you take and the more money the schools make…

But, I was skeptical, so I started researching these secret practices, methodologies, and techniques myself. I had to know if they were real…

Sure enough they were real… these secrets were no where to be found on online forums, Youtube, or the internet…

Read this next part carefully.They are the… Read more…


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