Learn Cocktail Piano – Jazz Piano Chord Voicings Substitution Videos

Monday, September 8, 2014

Learn Cocktail Piano - Jazz Piano Chord Voicings Subs ution Videos
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You know, those "edgy" or " y" sounds you’ve heard come from the artistry of people like legendary pianist Bill Evans, Chic Corea, Oscar Peterson, and others. Whether it’s jazz, pop, or some other style that you absolutely love and aspire to excel at, what you learn in this program will put you so many steps ahead of where you are at right now…

Yes, you’ll learn some of those amazing piano voicings that have come from the fingertips of pianists like that. Jazz piano chords, chord voicings, even subs utions. But, what’s more, is that you will adopt that mind set of a professional piano stylist that will have you thinking on your own. You see, this is what sets the "men from the boys" when it comes to playing creatively – the pros think for themselves! And now you are about to learn what it feels like to do the same!

As you may already know, there are tons and tons (and tons!) of books and other materials available on the market that illustrate different chords and piano voicings and how to play them… and you are encouraged to pursue them once you’ve adopted the mind set that this program teaches you… BUT what ProProach does is not only show you how to play a great number of these special chord sounds by illustrating and demonstrating these piano voicings, but it actually shows you how to incorporate the sounds that you learn into your favorite songs. This is a significant reason why ProProach will make a remarkable difference in your piano playing. Truly, this program will make your coinfidence skyrocket!

Yes, your satisfaction is guaranteed with ProProach. Please click here for details so you have no doubt about where I am coming from. And THANK YOU! Read more…


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