Learn Music Publishing — A beginners guide to learning the business of music publishing

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Learn Music Publishing — A beginners guide to learning the business of music publishing
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Music publishing is the life blood of your career in music. Long after writers are no longer creating music, the work in their catalogs are still generating publishing income for generations to come.

Knowing how publishing works and how it affects you, will enable you to make smarter decisions about the direction of which your career is headed and the deals you choose to make, without having to rely solely on someone else.

This is a great course for the beginner that wants to get knowledge about publishing but doesn’t have the time to devote to it. You can learn at your own pace and revisit anything that you don’t quite understand at your leisure.

These PRICELESS bonuses can’t be found anywhere else and will help catapult you to a successful career in music.

As soon as you enroll, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to all of the videos in the course. Go as fast as you’d like or as slow as you’d like. You can take your time and watch at your own pace.

Watch no matter where you are. Our course is 100% mobile compatible, so you can watch on your computer or on the go via your smartphone or tablet.

You get access to an EXCLUSIVE network of others just like you. Network, collaborate and build great relationships to ist you in getting the most out of your career.

Equivalent courses could cost you 1000’s of dollars. Plus you don’t get all the wonderful benefits that come along with our course. You get the same great information and MUCH MORE for a fraction of the cost.

You’ll have hours of detailed training videos. By the end of the course you will have the knowledge to go forward in your career confidently.

100% secure check. Enroll with the confidence that your information will be completely safe and secure.

This course was great! The lessons are extremely easy to follow, nothing was too complicated that it went over my head. I’d recommend it for anyone looking to have a career in music.

I love how the teaching style in the videos. It’s very informative, organized and detailed. Plus I got clarification on industry terms and roles that I was kinda mixed up about.

NEVER! Once you enroll you have UNLIMITED access to the course and it’s tools for the LIFE of the site!

This course is designed for ANYONE who wants to know more about music publishing. Believe it or not, there are many music professionals who don’t know the basics about music publishing and how it works, who are only now getting the knowledge to be more successful and make more money in their careers.

Our course provides you with the same, and in some cases more knowledge about the business of music publishing at a fraction of the cost! Not to mention, most courses give you general industry experiences, whereas we provide you with information… Read more…


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