Music Made Easy – Learn to Play Guitar and Master Music

Friday, September 26, 2014

Music Made Easy - Learn to Play Guitar and Master Music
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Well, the good news is that you’re NOT alone in these feelings of frustration.  In fact, you’re in the company of every single human being who’s ever picked one up.  So why is the guitar such a challenging instrument?

The truth is that every instrument is a challenge without having the right knowledge.  It isn’t for any lack on your part and you’re certainly not dense…it’s just that you haven’t had the right information to help you understand how guitar, and music can be simplified into a very easy to learn system.

I’m going to share this system with you today and help you start making music Easy…freeing you to create your own original music and being able to make exactly what’s in your head, heart, and soul.

Like you, I’m a guitarist and I’m also a recording artist and producer who’s spent the last decade pouring my sweat, blood, tears, and lots of fingertip skin into music.

I’ve been blessed to be able to share what I’ve learned with thousands of other guitar players thru my website and also teaching privately here in Montana.

All the time and effort I’ve spent finding out exactly how music works and showing that to others has helped me develop a simple system and way of explaining things that allows you to soak up these skills without having to melt your brain with boring learning.

I’ve even taught people who went to college and got fancy degrees for music but still felt they didn’t understand their fretboards!

Before I jump ahead and start telling you about the simple system behind music, I first just want to say that there is one pre-requisite for succeeding where you’ve failed before.  This is something that most guitar teachers or programs just aren’t going to address.  The reason is that it has NOTHING to do with guitar, but it also has EVERYTHING to do with it and actually getting to the next level.  Okay…Here it is…

You’ve got to have a “Can-Do” at ude.  What I mean by that, is that you simply have to start believing and telling yourself that you CAN master this little hunk of wood and you CAN do it much more easily than you anticipated.  It might sound a little “whoo-y” to have a guitar teacher going all personal development-y on you, but I’ve just seen the effects play out WAY too many times to ignore.

Student gets excited about guitar…Student starts lessons…Student meets an obstacle…Student gives up.  Why does this maddening sequence play out time and time again?…Limiting Beliefs…plain and simple.  So before you read any further, please take a moment to commit to Believing in yourself.  Do we have a Deal?

Know that you’ve got everything within you right now to reach all the goals and dreams… Read more…


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