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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Music Affiliate Programs —
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Bonus: We now also give you a chance to make money from our Music Industry How To Full Access membership (previously affiliate commissions weren’t available on this product). This gives people full access to all the half displayed guides on the Music Industry How To website, and you the potential for unlimited recurring commissions.

Disclaimer For The Full Access Product Only: If people click your affiliate link they’ll be taken to a page where you can earn if they buy. If they don’t buy at the time (although a good % will as it’s low cost so an impulse buy) and browse the site, they may end up on a page which uses PayPal instead of Clickbank. If they buy Full Access through a PayPal on, you won’t earn a commission. Because of this, I’ve designed your landing page so it doesn’t ‘leak’ (minimal outside links to increase the chances of you making the sale) and I also recommend you link to this page in more than one email so when people are ready to buy they go through your link.

By becoming an affiliate, you’ll earn 50% of any money people spend after visiting our site through your link. You can see exactly how it works, or sign up as an affiliate. I suggest you also have a look at our side navigation bar (at the bottom of the page if you’ve viewing this on a mobile device) for more useful pages which will help you earn more from this affiliate program. Read more…


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