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Monday, September 8, 2014

Join as a member – Dance training online with videos and articles — P ion4Dancing
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Learn Latin & Ballroom dancing online with over 80 step by step videos – Available 24/7!

The problem is that there is so much information about dancing out there, but most of it is unorganized and the tutorials lack any effective teaching methods (Not to mention awful video and audio quality).

I’ve coached hundreds of students, of all ages and skill-levels. I’ve helped many shy couples get out on the dance floor at social parties, weddings and birthdays. I’ve seen guys, convinced they had two left feet, become kings of Latin clubs with women chasing them for dances, and I’ve witnessed a mother-of-three rediscover her sensuality.

No matter how hopeless a new student felt about their dancing abilities, after just a few weeks, each and every one of them left with more confidence than ever before.

I wanted to share it with people all around the world and that’s why I created my step by step online training program.

Learn how to dance Cha Cha This dance originated in Cuba in the 1940s. The Cha Cha is a fast, energetic and playful dance. It is characterized by lots of quick dance steps and sensual hip action. Learn how to lead and follow anyone in the Cha Cha.

Learn to dance Rumba This p ionate dance is often described as the “dance of love”. Dancers love this dance because it’s slow rhythm allows for full expression with lots of arm styling and body movement. Our videos will show how to look good in the Rumba.

Learn to Swing dance (East Coast) East Coast Swing was derived from the original Swing dance: The Lindy Hop. The Swing is characterized by rocks steps and triple steps. It has a lively, fun and energetic feel to it and is often danced to “rock n roll” music.

Learn to dance Merengue (Club style) Originally from Dominican Republic, Merengue is one of the easiest Latin dances to learn. The saying goes; “if you can walk, you can do the Merengue”. This dance is characterized by marching steps accentuated with hip and body movement.

NEW! Learn to Tango The Tango originated in the 1890s from Argentina with strong influence from Europe and Africa. It is a dramatic and sensual dance. There is a very strong “stalking” walk action being used through out Tango to characterize its beautiful music.

– Unlimited access to 80+ online dance lessons. – 1-2 new dance lessons every month. – 5 new dance music suggestions every month. – Articles and tips. – Video podcasts. – Member interactions. – Email advice.

We add new dance lessons every month. As a member you get unlimited access to all current lessons AND all future lessons that we will add.

I charge upwards of $300 for private dance lessons in my studio. But when you join as a member, you’ll get over 50 hours of online dance instruction, new video lessons every month, and email support with me… all for a fraction of the price… Read more…


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