Acoustic Guitar Money: How To Make GOOD Money with Your Guitar, Train For Competitions, More! Click Here For Details!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Acoustic Guitar Money: How To Make GOOD Money with Your Guitar, Train For Compe ions, More! Click Here For Details!
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“The answer is YES! I play live acoustic guitar music almost every week of the year, making good, regular money—and I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it, too–even if you don’t play guitar and can’t even sing! And lots of people are now using live acoustic guitar shows to train for American Idol and other compe ions–read below!”

There are lots of books online about how to play guitar, singing lessons, etc. But none that I’ve seen that tell you specifically the best ways to make money with your guitar without having to join one or more bands, wear yourself out trying to make ends meet, and feeling like you can’t win. Instead of going solo, most guitar players, songwriters, and artists looking to make money usually try to join or form a band. That can be a good thing in time, but it can be tough to get all the right players together that think the same way you do, buy all the equipment, market the band, learn all the songs, practice, and try to book gigs that pay well enough, which doesn’t happen for a long time for bands that aren’t established. Not that being in a band is bad—it just requires a lot more time and it’s harder to make good money.

And if you’re like I was, you need money NOW, not a bunch of expenses and waiting around–right? Well, there is a better way, if you want some fast, fun, weekly music income or want to train to try out for American Idol or other compe ions–without working a lot of long, bad hours for little money. The best answer I have found is: live acoustic guitar gigs–one of the best kept secrets for making good money playing guitar and singing, and training for compe ions. Why acoustic guitar shows? Acoustic guitar gigs require minimal equipment, you don’t have to find or worry with other musicians, most of the best songs to use are songs you’ve heard or played all your life anyway, playing acoustic guitar shows is a great way to practice the same techniques successful contestants use, and you can easily book gigs that pay $25, $50, or more per hour, if you know where and how to book them. And then, if you’re the guitar player and the singer, you get to keep all the money, tips and all! Awesome!

Even if you just play guitar and don’t sing, that fine—just find someone who sings and you can do smaller live acoustic gigs as a duo and still… Read more…


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