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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Comic Book Lab
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“You’re About To Discover How YOU Can Create the Most Extraordinary Comic Books You’ve Ever Imagined… Right NOW."

My name is Ian Hannin. I am a professional comic book colorist. I’ve colored everything from Batman to X-Men. Over the years, I’ve worked with amazing artists and I’ve seen fantastic NEW artists arrive on the scene to find acclaim and success. If you’re an artist or a comic book fan, or if you’ve simply wondered about the process of creating comic book art, then read everything below…

The first stage of creating a comic book page is the pencils. But it’s not just about crafting the hero’s muscles or the spaceship’s pit controls. Every good comic book page begins with a solid composition. Veteran comic book artist, Richard Bennett, begins the journey of each page with a loose sketch to establish the “flow” of the page. The reader’s eye must be lead from panel to panel in order for the story to unfold properly. Once this is accomplished, the task of rendering the creatures, characters, vehicles, weapons, landscapes, and other story elements can begin.

The pencils are done! A story in graphite has emerged from the nothingness that was a blank sheet of paper! Good has risen to combat evil in a sequential tale reading left to right and top to bottom! Now, a new medium must be brought into play. Ink. By applying black ink to the page using brush, quill, marker and even sponge, the penciled art is taken to new levels of contrast, texture and weight. Richard Bennett continues the process in this second stage in the creation of a comic book page.

The inks are dry! Light and shadow collide in a dynamic illustration of high stakes combat! But there is another stage to this process- another act to this play. Color. Enter into the magical world of Adobe Photoshop with pro colorist, Ian Hannin, as he embellishes Bennett’s art with his digital brush and palette. Hue and saturation bring mood, tone and even temperature to bear. Foreground and background are put into high relief. Flesh is warmed and armor is polished. And finally, with the addition of special effects, the piece is completed with cinematic results.

"When it was time to hire a colorist to help bring my second graphic novel, SPACE GLADIATOR, to life, Ian Hannin was my first and only choice. Not because I consider him a good friend, but because I needed an artist who would bring a unique style and extraordinary ability to manipulate colors to the project. I didn’t want my book to look like anything else on the market, and Ian made sure I wasn’t disappointed. His knowledge and instincts for the medium and narrative story telling is prodigious, and I’m ecstatic that he’s going to get to share this with aspiring artists via Comic Book Lab. I wish I had something like this website to rely upon… Read more…


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