Oil Painting Master Series – A Complete Course for Beginners

Friday, October 3, 2014

Oil Painting Master Series - A Complete Course for Beginners
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When I first started with oil painting, I was completely “lost”.  I frankly had no idea what I was doing.  Even though I was in art school, my painting professors  really didn’t show us how to use oil paint.  Instead, they umed  that we already knew how to use it!  The problem was, of course – I had no clue!

Of course, it took a lot longer to teach myself then it would have if someone would have just taken the time to show me the properties of oil painting.  I was an artist, but I struggled with oil painting, because everything was an experiment into the “unknown”.

Unfortunately, I know that there are others that are experiencing the same frustrations that I did back then.

Looking back, I wish there had been some program that I could have used to just simply learn the basics.

The reality is that many painting programs make the same umptions that my painting professors made back then – that you already know the basics.  They ume that you already know how to use the different brushes,  how to blend oil paint, mix warm and cool variations of colors, stretch and prime canvas, create under paintings and so on.

Recognizing a need for a oil painting program for beginners, I teamed up with my good friend – professional oil painter and teacher, Ashley Bane Hurst.  We worked together to create a comprehensive video course that covered all of the basics of oil painting.

The 19 module course provides an overview of the medium of oil painting and covers the concepts of materials, pre-painting fundamentals, blending oil paint, creating an underpainting, indirect and direct painting, Impressionist painting, non-traditional painting, portraiture, painting on a toned ground, painting clouds, wet into wet, knife painting, and more.  The course is structured with a logical progression, so that each lesson builds upon the last.  NO umptions of prior knowledge or experience are made.

“Oil Painting Master Series” over 200 minutes of video instruction.  That’s over 3 hours of video.  The High Definition videos are carefully edited to show you each important step of the processes involved.  There is no “speed painting”, or time lapse.  Each demonstration is narrated, explaining the reasons behind the action – almost like a private lesson.

Not everyone learns from watching videos, so ebooks are included with the lesson modules.  There are 17 total ebooks included with the course that total 114 pages with 405 color illustrations.

All of the content is available to download to your computer, tablet, or mobile device.  Once downloaded, you can watch the videos without an internet connection or burn them to a DVD to watch on your TV.

All of the content featured in the course is mobile compatible.  The videos will play on any smart phone or any tablet.  Take the course with you wherever you go.   Or better yet, work from the modules at your easel. Read more…


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