High notes, low notes, and everything in between – About the course

Thursday, October 2, 2014

High notes, low notes, and everything in between - About the course
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1. To make br playing easier 2. To provide you with effective and efficient warm-up material 3. To help you get back in shape after a break

We all have strengths – we all have weaknesses – and no one knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you do. That’s why unlike other br methods, “High notes, low notes, and everything in between” is divided into parts and modules, rather than “lessons.”

The beauty of this system is that you can quickly and easily design a practise routine that suits you, your current ability level and your goals. And don’t worry – you’ll be shown several example practise routines to help you get started!

As a professional trumpet player, I simply don’t have the time to warm up for an hour before a show. Instead, I do the bare minimum necessary to get my playing system warmed up and in shape for the day.

Using a selection of the material in this course, you can create a simple and effective warm up that takes 10 to 15 minutes – from getting your instrument out of the case, to being prepared for the majority of musical situations that you’ll ever face.

I’ve even included one of my personal standard warm up routines which you can use as a base on which to model your own warm up that meets your personal needs.

When I was a student, I never dared to take extended breaks from the horn because I didn’t want to lose ground and be forced to spend an extended period of time getting back in shape. Sound familiar?

These days however, taking a couple of days off on a quiet week (or even a whole week or more off during vacation periods!) is something I can enjoy without needing to worry about a loss of form. Why? Because I have some great tools (eg. part 7 of this course) to help get me back in shape quickly and efficiently.

As an extra resource for you, I’ve provided a sample routine in this course to help you get back in shape after an extended break.

The unique modular system means that “High notes, low notes, and everything in between” is suitable for a wide range of ability levels – from intermediate level students, to advanced students, to conservatory/university level, and right up to professional level.

For example, the simplest exercises cover a range of just 1 octave, whilst the most advanced will take you down to double pedal C, and up to G over high C (2nd pedal Bb up to F over high Bb, for b clef readers). That’s a range of 4 ½ octaves!

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