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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Truth About Acting book - TULA TZORAS
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Click on the link  to see!  James Liotta, performer extraordinaire Boasts About The Truth About Acting

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Why? Because it affirms acting and spirituality are inextricably linked, a vital combination . The Truth About Acting is a Practical Career Guide, based on specific real life examples from auditions, commercials, television, theatre, film making and other creative projects, it gives you Certainty over Doubt and Your Secret Weapon to Revolutionize your Career and your Life! It gives you the tools to become a Deliberate Creator of Your Dream and Your Life.

It is the Only E-book in this Genre of its kind. You will learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs and Thrive, living your Purpose with all the Laws of Success, as it focusses on the Actor’s Creative Self.  It covers themes like addictions, anxiety and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sharing very personal information for your benefit. You will learn how to lead a holistic life and you will be able to apply all the tools  I share with you from years of experience straight away.

In addition to this, you will be taught all the Career Do’s and Don’ts , how to establish and build your Brand and how to market yourself online, with step by step instructions on producing your electronic Portfolio!

Ever dream of becoming an Actor and didn’t know how? Wonder what the life of an Actor is truly like? Are you obsessed with acting and out of balance? Do you get depressed when the phone doesn’t ring, waiting for your agent to call? Suffer from anxiety, negative beliefs, depression? Do you have addictive tendencies? Do you give up when things don’t go your way? Do you wake up feeling there is something wrong in the morning? Do you procrastinate? Do you feel better or lesser than others? Are you struggling to make ends meet whilst you pursue your acting career?

You are not alone! There is help and its here now! That is why I wrote this book, so that I can help you transform your journey! I wish nothing less than your Amazing Success! Read more…


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