How to Read Music Notes for Beginners and Children

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to Read Music Notes for Beginners and Children
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Children get confused, bored, and want to drop out of their piano lessons. As parents and teachers we want to help — but what can we do?

I have been a piano teacher for over 30 years. I have seen this problem so many times. I have surveyed all the piano teaching books, courses and ebooks on the market, and frankly, not one of them really helped children learn to read music notes in a quick, systematic way that was also fun.

So I decided that if I couldn’t find a book, course or ebook that did these things, I would write one myself. After 12 long months of writing and testing it out with my own piano students, here it is:

"By focusing on THE big problem in piano lessons — remembering and recognizing notes –, Betty Wagner has made a small breakthrough for all the long-suffering music students out there. I especially liked the cute little characters in this ebook. And with the great bonuses, it’s terrific value for money!" — Carol Webster Sydney NSW, Australia

This ebook makes learning music notes easy and enjoyable and is designed to help YOUR child or music student whiz through learning music notes.

The following table shows the many ways that Reading Music Notes With Ease teaches your child or student to read music — as compared to the other books, courses and ebooks on the market today…

Teaching Techniques Used to Teach Children Music Notes Faster and More Easily

Along with your 32 page ebook, Reading Music Notes With Ease, you will receive a further 27 pages of bonuses. Exceptional value — just for placing your order right now! FREE Bonus No. 1

"I just purchased the e-book. I am a 41 year old female who had taken music theory back when I was 16. It just never sunk in. In my quest to be a better singer, I began searching for a teaching tool directed at kids, figuring if a kid can understand it, so will I. :) I have only had your e-book for about 2 hours, but I have already grasped the basics more than I did as a ager—after six months of long, boring torture sessions with our school band director! Aaaargh!! I recommend your book for having published such a well explained, user-friendly tool." — Myra I. Colmenero-Macmillan Saranac, NY "I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano but the stumbling block for me has been the inability to read music. Within just a few days of receiving your book, ‘Reading Music With Ease’, I’ve now almost mastered it. I’m using the flashcard system from the book and the difference has been remarkable. I can’t thank you enough. My dream of being able to play the piano is fast becoming a reality." — Liz Moran North Lincolnshire, England "I am 37 and I am having singing lessons and need to learn how to read music. As I suffer from short term memory loss I needed all… Read more…


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