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Friday, October 3, 2014

Orchestra Hip Hop - Instrumentals - Buy Rap Beats
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Whether you’re an artist working on a new project or a T.V producer working on a new commercial, movie preview etc. PxFantasy.net is your one stop shop for Royalty free music. Listen to Orchestra Hip Hop Instrumentals, Buy Rap Beats, Purchase Instrumentals, jam some Beats, Soundtracks, sound effects, Music Blogs and much more. All high quality sounds from a very experienced professional composer/producer whom goes by the name of Prince Xhadi

PrinceXhadi or "PX" has been in the Online beat/instrumental/soundtrack industry under various aliases since 2007. It all started on Myspace, then Soundclick and now the Xhadi Productions Rock Empire has begun and are taking over again. However, before we proceed let us enlighten you on Prince Xhadi’s journey to being a respected online Orchestra Hip Hop Music Composer & Beat Producer.

His journey began at a young age, when he was first introduced to music in the form of a trumpet. Music has been a part of his life ever since. He later went on to play several other instruments including the french horn, piano and b guitar, performing at gigs with the local jazz band.

Along side of performing Xhadi also wrote music on the side and was very fascinated with creating his own music, it became somewhat of an addiction with valuable benefits. He began to notice how composing music in different times and cutting notes to stay within time helped him with his math skills, his academic level increased as well as his musical level. He would spend hours locked away in his room writing and composing.

He was first introduced to music production through one of his band teachers’ using a program called Finale Notepad. Years went by and Xhadi progressed in music production eventually upgrading to FL Studio then Propeller Head’s Reason software. His concert and jazz band past experiences can be heard in his productions today. Xhadi dominates the Orchestra Hip Hop Instrumental genre & has developed a library of Beats dedicated to it. Read more…


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