Begin Drumming System – Video drum lessons – Learn drums online using advanced multimedia drum lessons!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Begin Drumming System - Video drum lessons - Learn drums online using advanced multimedia drum lessons!
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In Forty Five multi-media lessons you’ll learn all aspects of drumming from holding the sticks and the basic stroke types, through to playing all the important drum rudiments, and all the drum beats for todays Rock styles.

Over four hours of video instruction, downloadable as MP4 or Windows Media files. This means that you can either watch them on your computer, or transfer them to your portable media player, so that you can watch them on the go, or even right at your drum kit!

52 pages of printable materials!Each lesson comes with text and graphics which can be viewed on the screen, or printed out for use in the practise room. We’ll even supply all the material in one file so you can print it out and bind it as a book if you prefer. "Begin Drumming" started life as a book, and that is why you’ll find it really clearly and simply laid out.

198 audio files of all the beats and solos, played at various speeds to help you learn. These are laid out in a convenient and simple format so that you can download just the ones that you need to help you learn the patterns. Play them from the computer, or stick them on an mp3 player or CD to help you at the drum kit!

ONE: I have an enormous amount of knowledge as a teacher. I have been teaching drums for almost 20 years, and it has been my very-nearly full-time obsession for the last ten of those twenty years. The "Begin-Drumming" system in fact was originally created for my own beginning students – because I simply couldn’t find any other books or systems available which covered everything required in a systematic and logical way. This system wasn’t created quickly – the materials have been constantly tested, reorganized, refined and improved over these last ten years. I have dedicated myself to learning about the best teaching methods, and how YOU learn! In fact, I just did some quick sums on the calculator and worked out that I would have given over TWENTY THOUSAND lessons!

TWO: I don’t want to boast, but I have done lots and lots of study – in fact I have a Masters Degree in Percussion performance. This means that I studied the art of drumming and drum technique for Six Years Full Time. This means that I did as much study as most medical practictioners.

If you wanted to learn about medicine, you wouldn’t care about choosing a doctor who looked young and hip! You’d want one who knew what they were doing, and who had done the study in the appropriate area – and why should Drumming be any different?

The fact is that I know a lot about drum teaching – I’ve done it for twenty years, and I know that anyone is able to learn to play the drums. More importantly I know what approaches and explanations work in lessons and which ones don’t. These lessons… Read more…


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