Piano Software For Learning Piano Notes

Friday, October 17, 2014

Piano Software For Learning Piano Notes
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If you’ve been searching for a fun way to teach your children how to read music then perhaps I can help.

A few years ago I was in exactly the same position as you. I was searching for a piano software program to help my nephew Michael learn his piano notes.

As a professional software developer and a musician with over twenty years of experience I knew what I was looking for.

I started out searching Google for ‘piano software’ but the only programs I found were very monotonous drills and I knew my nephew would find these games dull and boring.

After a lot of research, I realized that the piano software I was looking for just didn’t exist, so I decided to create it myself. Five months later… Piano Is Fun was born!

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that my children absolutely love ‘Piano Is Fun’

They started this morning and have been taking turns on it all day. They are so thrilled by the rewards that they don’t even notice they are learning. Thanks for designing such great software, I wish I’d had it when I was learning piano." S. Wyard (Parent)

Piano Is Fun makes learning the piano notes easy and enjoyable. The of the software include:

The 20 step-by-step lessons introduce students to the notes and keyboard positions of the piano gradually so that they never feel intimidated or overwhelmed.

Students discover the names of the notes through interactive exercises and games that ensure that they develop true note recognition skills instead of memorizing silly rhymes.

The worst thing about most tutorial programs is that they don’t actually teach students anything. Instead, they just test what students already know using repe ive drills.

Each lesson of Piano Is Fun includes a Practice Game which allows students to learn at their own pace without getting frustrated.

Each time a student correctly identifies a note name or locates the correct key on the piano, they hear the actual sound of the note through the computer. This helps them to develop their sense of pitch.

When they complete a lesson, students receive a special reward on their personal progress page. These rewards allow you to monitor their progress and also act as form of motivation. (It’s incredible to see how motivated students become when it comes to collecting their rewards!)

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Medallion Challenges bring everything together on the Grand Staff. The challenges include the note names and keyboard positions of the B and Treble clefs. This helps students transition to reading music in the real world.

When a student completes a medallion challenge, they are rewarded with a trumpet fanfare and are presented with a Certificate of Achievement. These certificates are a valuable form of positive reinforcement (And look great in a frame next to their piano)

If a student is having problems with particular notes, Piano Is Fun allows you to create a customized… Read more…


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