Promoting & Selling Your Art by Carole Katchen

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Promoting & Selling Your Art by Carole Katchen
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Would you like to have an agent, who sells your art and promotes your career? Or would you prefer to have a contract with a gallery, which provides you a guaranteed monthly income? Carole Katchen has written two articles on that in her eBook. Subscribe here and we will send them to you for free:

Despite the fact that the paintings of Vincent van Gogh are being sold for tens of millions of dollars today, he died poor and desperate because his art didn’t sell during his lifetime.

Did you know, that Pablo Pic o and Salvador Dali both became multimillionaires in their lifetime because of their art sales? They did not share the tragic fate of poor artists like Vincent van Gogh.

What is the difference between van Gogh and Pic o or Dali? What made the latter successful AND rich so quickly?

Do you believe, that those ingenious artists became famous and successful only because of their outrageous artistic capabilities? Pic o and Dali were not just ingenious artists; they were ingenious in the promotion of their art as well.

Have you ever heard any of the uncounted anecdotes about Pic o? Or the unusual public appearances of Dali? Those events didn’t happen by accident. Both of these artists did them on purpose as a way to market their art and make themselves famous. Even today public relation experts and professional advertisers can still learn a lot from their successful PR-coups (famous contemporary artists like Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst know and apply their secrets, too!).

If your answer to any of these questions is "Yes!" and you want to walk in the shoes of Pic o and Dali, the eBook "Promoting & Selling Your Art" is the right choice for you.

Learn to promote yourself and your art in a professional and successful way, learn from the bestselling author and successful artist Carole Katchen how to …

Katchen has published 17 books, which have sold over 1 million copies and she has written numerous magazine articles for Cosmopolitan, Parents and several art magazines. She is also a Contributing Editor to The Artists Magazine and a featured columnist for International Artist. Above all: For decades she has been a successful artist herself.

Based on her own experience Carole Katchen knows the artists’ problems around promoting their art. That is the reason why she wrote this book already in 1978 to show artists the secrets of success in promoting and selling art. During the past decades she has proven herself, that her advice really works "out there". She has up-dated her book in this special eBook format, too.

"Promoting & Selling Your Art is a highly readable, informative book for artists who have talent and ambition, but limited business experience." Colorado Woman Magazine

"If you happen to be an illustrator or photographer interested in expanding your market beyond those in advertising and editorial (this) would be (a) most valuable addition to your library." Communication Arts Magazine

"It’s a fascinating, well-written account of the artist’s… Read more…


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