kanji dictionary – 100 kanji characters

Saturday, September 6, 2014

kanji dictionary - 100 kanji characters
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<< NEW: Japanese Kanji Dictionary – Volume 2 >>

First of all, if you are not sure about what the kanji is, you can learn from my FREE REPORT.

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Over 1,000 people in many countries have asked us to translate a word or name in Japanese symbols, because they don’t want to get WRONG Japanese symbols. So, if you don’t know the difference of the scripts, simply Click here and I’ll send you a free report we’ve made that tells you the basics of Japanese scripts.

Hi, my name is Takanori Tomita. I am a Japanese Translator, but specializing in translating and designing Japanese symbols.

As I have been working as a Japanese Symbol Translator, I have realized that some people want to see a variety of kanji symbol design that are 100% Accurate and decided which one to use for their Tattoo design.

But, the true fact is that many Westerners use WRONG Japanese symbols which they don’t understand. Even in Japan, I see some Westerns who have inappropriate Japanese Kanji Symbols on their body, arm or legs as a tattoo design.

As there are many Westerns who use WRONG Japanese symbols. Our Translator team and I have created the Kanji Dictionary which contains a beautiful Japanese Kanji symbol design like the following:

In this book, there are 100 different kanji characters designed with a variety of Japanese Calligraphy fonts and Stencil Outlines. Some are unique, artistic and beautiful like the following.

In this NEW Kanji Dictionary – Volume 2, there are 100 KANJI Symbol Design , that are Unique, Beautiful and Aesthetic. This book is particularly for those who are thinking about using Kanji Symbol for design need. Each Kanji Design is written with both the Japanese Calligraphy and Stencil Outline.

You’re about to find the most popular 100 kanji characters design that are unique, beautiful and aesthetic.

Choose from a variety of kanji symbol that are designed with both the Japanese Calligraphy and Stencil Outline – KANJI DICTIONARY – VOLUME 2 – 100 Kanji Characters

We do accept the following Credit Card Payment through the Clickbank payment which allows the following credit cards:

Once you pay, you can download the ebook immediately.

You are able to request a refund within 8 weeks/60 days if you are not satisfied for any reason

I did receive the letter with the diskette and thank you very much. The book is put together very well and is quite informative.

I think that it’s very nice of you to follow up with customers and provide new material and additional resources. As I mentioned in one of my earlier emails, your service is very professional and worthwhile to anyone investigating Japanese symbols for art, tattoos, or just general interest. Some time ago I purchased an English / Japanese dictionary but it was very difficult to figure out the appropriate meaning of the symbols.

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