Keyboard Crash Course – From Piano to Keyboards in 60 Minutes or Less!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Keyboard Crash Course - From Piano to Keyboards in 60 Minutes or Less!
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If You Can Play the Piano, You Will be Astounded At How Easy It Is to Make the Transition to Playing Electronic Keyboards Once You Know the Three Simple Steps…

If you’re interested in making the transition to playing electronic keyboards, learning to do so quickly, and without having to spend a lot of money and time on lessons or DVDs, then this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.

I’ve just released a brand new course called "Keyboard Crash Course: From Piano to Keyboards in 60 Minutes or Less."

This powerful, but simple new course is what you need to turn the piano training you’ve already got into keyboard skills that can be used to play with a band…

It’s EASY to Take Your Existing Skills and Convert Them WITHOUT Having To Practice For Hours or Learn More Theory!

This is great news for you, because all you have to do is take advantage of my experience and save yourself tons of frustration, time and money !

You now have a chance to learn a simple straighforward process and that really works, does not require a lot of time, and is unavailable in any other instructional guide or from any single teacher.

If you’ve ever tried to find this information, you already know it’s just not out there, and finding someone to teach you is…well good luck!

But it doesnt’ stop there! Besides learning how to play chord notation and handle "lead sheets", you’ll also learn how to select the right sounds, how to play with a group, and what to do when things go wrong in a live performance. (Yes, it happens to all of us!)

The information is just NOT available in one place, and I had to learn it all the hard way over a long period of time. Why should you?

Quite a lot, actually. If you’ve only ever played solo piano or accompanied singers or choral groups etc., you’ve been the whole "band." You are used to providing all the instrumental sound, and, it’s been only one kind of sound – acoustic piano. And, you’re used to having a full piano score in front of you.

Now of course there is nothing wrong with acoustic piano – it’s one of my favorite pastimes. But playing "keyboards", by which I mean electronic keyboards, is a different animal.

Playing keyboards means electric pianos, synthesizers, even software based instruments running on a computer. And, this will often done in band with other musicians. You are no longer always the leader, and you won’t always be using a piano sound.

Playing the sound of stringed instruments (for example: violins, cellos, etc) requires a different playing technique. You can’t just pound them out or pedal them like you would a piano part. And very often, you won’t be leading the group.

Most importantly, you will not always have a full piano score to work with. You will be given one of several types of "lead" sheets that might have nothing… Read more…


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